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Organisational structure

Organisational structure

The Girona Area Public Transport Consortium is comprised of the following governing, administrative and advisory bodies.


The bodies of the consortium are as follows:
  • a) Governing body:
    Board of Directors
    Executive Committee
  • b) Administrative body:
    General Manager
  • c) Consulting and participative body:
    Territorial Transport Board of the ATMG
  • d) Advisory bodies:
    Public Transport Operator Technical Committee
    Legal Advisory Committee
    Technical Advisory Committee
    Financial Advisory Committee

Governing bodies

President: This is the minister of Territory and Sustainability or a representative designated by that minister.
Board of Directors: This is the governing body of the consortium. There are thirteen original members, twelve full members representing the twelve autonomous and local councils and one member from the state government as an observer with a voice but no vote.
Executive Committee: This is a smaller body which directs and governs the consortium comprised of eight members who must be members of the board of directors.

Administrative bodies

General Manager: The general manager handles the day-to-day administration of the consortium and is selected by the board of directors based on the president’s nomination.

Consulting and participative bodies

Territorial Transport Board of the ATMG: This is the advisory body for social and civic participation on the operation of the public transport system and transport for users within the area of competence of the ATMG.

Advisory bodies

Public Transport Operator Technical Committee:This body advises the consortium on technical and financial matters. It is comprised of a representative from each of the public or private operators which provides public transport service.
Legal, Technical, and Financial Advisory Committees: These committees advise and provide assistance on any legal, technical, or financial matters which the executive bodies of the consortium may require.

Office of secretary

According to the statutes, the consortium must have an office of secretary, the representative of which acts as secretary of the administrative board and the executive committee.

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