Transit Development Plan (PDM)

Transit Development Plan (PDM)

The creation, processing and evaluation of the Camp de Tarragona Transit Development Plan are functions of the ATM (Autoridad Territorial de la Movilidad – Territorial Transit Authority) as established in Transit Act 9/2003 as well as the organisation statutes.

The process of creating and drafting the Camp de Tarragona Transit Development Plan began in October 2007. Its definitive approval is forecasted to take place in 2009.

The regulations for these types of plans stipulate the need to ensure not only citizen participation, but also the participation of local entities which may be affected, transport entities and bodies, and the relevant departments of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Creating a collective plan, one that is accepted by all the parties involved, makes the overall integration of all the different existing values and criteria possible, as opposed to placing priority on any one set of values or technical know-how, and allows for the acceptance of the principle of equality in decision-making. Integrating different perspectives on problems leads to more effective collective decision making and prevents the adoption of imposed solutions that end up proving unsuitable because differing points of views and alternatives have not been considered.

Plan to stimulate demand for public transport in Tarragona, approved by the Board of Directors in 2015, includes actions aimed at improving the management of mobility writing the “PDM project.” These writing tasks are planned during 2016.