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Transport zones

The Girona Territorial Transport Authority area is comprised of a total of 50 municipalities divided into eight zones. Users can go from one point to another using any of the different means of transport they may require with a single fare card.

Check the map for the location of the town or city in which your journey will begin and end. Then count the number of zones you will cross on your trip. You will need a fare option that is valid for the number of zones that you intend to cross. (*)

You can check the number of zones in the zone counter in the consultation area: www.atmgirona.cat/consultes/en/comptador.

Plànol Zona Z-1 Z-2 Z-3 Z-4 Z-5 Z-6 Z-7 Z-8

Zone 1

  • Aiguaviva
  • Bescanó
  • Fornells de la Selva
  • Girona
  • Llambilles
  • Quart
  • Riudellots de la Selva
  • Salt
  • Sant Gregori
  • Sant Julià de Ramis
  • Sarrià de Ter
  • Vilablareix
  • Viladasens

Zone 2

  • Cervià de Ter
  • Colomers
  • Flaçà
  • Juià
  • Madremanya
  • Sant Joan de Mollet
  • Sant Jordi Desvalls
  • Sant Martí Vell

Zone 3

  • Banyoles
  • Camós
  • Cornellà del Terri
  • Palol de Revardit
  • Porqueres

Zone 4

  • Canet d'Adri
  • Sant Aniol de Finestres
  • Sant Martí de Llémena

Zone 5

  • Amer
  • Anglès
  • La Cellera de Ter

Zone 6

  • Brunyola
  • Maçanet de la Selva
  • Riudarenes
  • Santa Coloma de Farners
  • Sils
  • Vidreres
  • Vilobí d'Onyar

Zone 7

  • Campllong
  • Cassà de la Selva
  • Llagostera
  • Sant Andreu Salou

Zone 8

  • Arbúcies
  • Sant Hilari Sacalm

(*) If you are going to cross more than three zones, the fare will not exceed the fare for crossing three zones. If your trip has a starting point and destination in towns that are on the edge of the different fare zones, you can make the trip with a one-zone ticket as long as you go in one direct journey without transfers.

** If you notice any kind of error, kindly notify us via email: infoatm@atmgirona.cat **

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