Request your personalised fare card

Request your personalised fare card

Ordering your contactless card by mail

Personalized cards may be requested, deferred, in person at the ATM customer service centre1, through the county councils of El Gironès, El Pla de l’Estany and La Selva, at the OAC3 by requesting a prior appointment or, at via email infoatm@atmgirona.cat. In all cases, it is necessary to attach a copy of the DNI and a passport-type photograph2 to the application. Download application form.

You can request that the card be sent home, to the county council or the town hall of your choice, both integrated, without being activated or charged. To activate the card and load the title, you will have to go to any of the affiliated sales network points, the CAC or the OAC (by appointment), and pay the initial cost of the card plus the cost of the title you need load.

Or, go to pick it up at the OAC (by appointment) or the CAC, where it will be activated and loaded on the spot.

  1. Customer Service Centre Girona bus station.
  2. This must be a recent colour photograph measuring 32 mm x 36 mm with a uniform background. The person in photo must be facing forward and the entire face must be visible. Dark glasses or any other item which may make the identification of the person in the photo more difficult are not allowed.
  3. Oficina d’Atenció ciutadana de l’Edifici de la Generalitat a Girona. Pl. Pompeu Fabra, 1, 17002 – Girona